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Frida Kahlo Artwalk

by Mi Vida |

Did y‘all get a chance to visit us last weekend for our summer artwalk
Come Forth as Gold installation? Creative and colorful artista Denise Cortes
pays homage to our reina La Frida through her captivating
pieces strewn with pecks of gold.


Walking into the shop everyday feels like we’re walking into an interior design studio. We spend most of our days staring into all the beautiful colors Cortes uses in her art. Don’t wait any longer, come by and chequale for yourself! Cortes also has small prints and postcards available for purchase if you can’t swing the big bucks for one of the larger pieces!

Chicana Artist ~ Denise Cortes ~ Frida Kahlo Art Pieces
People have asked me time and time again why I am so obsessed with Frida Kahlo. Friducha and I have been rolling together since I was 18, when I saw her in a fashion magazine. I loved everything about her -- her style, her face, her art, her journey. But it wasn't until I really grew up and experienced life that I fully understood where my passion for her originated. I am deeply affected by Frida's pain and her quiet strength through it all. 
In the midst of health issues (the trolley)
Marriage woes (Diego)
Multiple infidelities (women)
Betrayal by her beloved sister (Cristina)
Infertility (so many lost babies)
Working as a female artist amidst the Mexican machismo of the day
(and in the shadow of her famous muralist husband) 
She was still able to create art that was both raw and beautiful and so relatable.
  It reminds me of this passage in the book of Job:   "But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold." Our pain, our struggles, our heartbreak -- it fundamentally changes us, humbles us, splits us wide open and makes us pure as gold
by Denise Cortes
Our favorite piece?
Las que tiered tears of gold! A perfect portrayal of la lucha, de ser poderosa,
the embodiment of Frida’s artistry in turning her sorrows and pain into beautiful
pieces of art. We love love love this month’s installation!
Frida Kahlo Comes Forth As Gold by Denise Cortes
Crown Me Frida Kahlo Art Gallery by Denise Cortes
Crown Me