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Affirmative Art Classes

by Mi Vida Boutique |

At MiVida, passion before profit has always been our motto, and we try to incorporate that concept with every project we dive into. Over the years, we have been blessed with the continued support of our comunidad, not just in Highland Park, but by the local art community throughout Los Angeles as well.

In the midst of the cultural evolution stirring in HLP, we continue to strive to keep our community and cultura alive, while simultaneously educating its new residents. Without your love and support, we could not have survived, and we are tremendously excited to say that we can finally reciprocate the love and admiration our community has shown us the way we’ve always wanted to; by giving back to our youth.

We believe that art is the best therapy we can offer our community and over the past few months, we have been working diligently to design, organize and offer community art-workshops at an affordable price. Each month, we will feature a creative workshop designed to encourage creative expression. Workshops will include arts and crafts, stencil making, screen printing, and jewelry making. Some of our workshops will be continuous monthly projects, while others will be single-day workshops.

Mi Vida’s Noelle with our first batch of students!

On Sunday, April 17th, we held a trial run of our first workshop; a soft introduction to our monthly installments, and we could not have been more pleased with the end results! Art and creativity has always been a staple to MiVida’s vision, so we wanted to teach our students about the power of Energy and Manifestation. We created and decorated vision journals while stating affirmative and positive intentions. The goal of this workshop was to teach our students the power of creativity and to understand that there are no rules when it comes to creative expression. Our students were animated and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our workshop! All of our participants are NELA locals and many of them are students at Franklin’s new Dual Language Academy.

Noelle sharing her own vision journal.


Coincidentally, our first art workshop was a girls only session,  so we listened to Lana Del Rey and dove into magazine scrapping, pasting, and decorating. It was like a little slumber party without the sleeping over part! It was such a pleasure to have the girls open up to us and share with us their interests and hobbies, places they like to visit and what they aspire to be when they grow up. All of the energy and charisma these young ladies had was invigorating and we are looking forward to our new monthly installments!

Workshop in session!


One of our main aspirations at MiVida was to provide a creative outlet for our community, and now that we’ve achieved that, it only makes sense for us to offer our community the ability  to create it. We believe that curing the creative needs of a challenged community will lead to a healthier and happier environment and that is our ultimate goal with our monthly workshops. We have so much in store within the coming months and we’re deeply excited to share with everyone! To stay in the loop with our up-coming classes, please subscribe to MiVida’s mailing list. You won’t want to miss what we have planned for this summer!


Written by Eugenia Macias